Houry Dora Apartian, 1976

She was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria, by a Christian and musical family. Her father Barkev, a pastor and classical singer and her mother Suzan, a classical pianist have always encouraged their children to cultivate themselves in various arts. Her sister Shoghag became a pianist and composer in Syria and her brother a professional painter and graphist in Paris. At the age of 16 Houry Dora moved to Beirut, Lebanon, to further her studies at the University of Haigazian where she majored in introduction to psychology.

Her years in Beirut gave her many opportunities to perform with several choirs, and she became a constant member of the Nor Yerk Armenian Youth Worship Band, with which she recorded 7 albums, and toured around the world till 2005. (Currently, the members of the band live in different countries, but occasionally,they reunite for performances and recordings).

During her 5 years in Beirut, Houry was also debuting her musical education at the conservatory of Ganatchian with courses in vocal and solfege training. After two years of study at Haigazian College, at that time, she decided to quit her studies completely, and return home, in Aleppo, to plan her musical career and studies abroad, and meanwhile gaining more experience through performing and recording proffessionally.

In the 1998, after months of application and correspondence, and a few auditions, she was finally accepted to the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris-Alfred Cortot (Paris, France) in classical singing with Miss Elizabeth Rogier, and then the Cim-Infimm school of jazz for 4 years. The time in Paris gave her the opportunity to follow several classes and workshops with respected professors and jazz musicians like Brad Wheeler, Philip Baudoin, Frederic Favarel, Claude Gastaldin, Pierre Carrie, Tito “Ernesto” Puente, and many other highly qualified musicans of the french jazz scene. It was also the delight of her student years to perform with several musicians and groups like Marc Fosset (Stephane Grapelli’s guitarist ), the S.Mos Quintet (the multiple-winners of the “French jazz young talent” prizes, and the EFPITY jazz Octet by Franck Sanchez. A highlight of her musical career was performing with her Quartet at the great Michel Petrucciani commemoration ceremony at the “Mairie du 18eme de Paris in 2003.

After her graduation at Cim-Infimm, Houry moved back home, where she could continue her musical career, traveling between Syria and Lebanon, by recording, touring and performing with several local and foreign professionals. For two years she taught solfege, harmony and vocal training at the AGBU music conservatory in Aleppo. In the year of 2007 she joined her husband, a well reputated young Jazz pianist and composer in Basel Switzerland, where they founded their first band together “Hekiat”, they also accompany each other alongside fellow musicians in several musical projects as guests as well as producers themselves.

At the present, Houry performs in Switzerland and abroad with her husband, while working on several other projects of their own or as guest musicians, in Europe, the Middle East and the U.S.

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