Houry D. Apartian Quartet


Houry D. Apartian Quartet

When Oliver and i were still in the beginning of our project to record this album, we did have an idea of which jazz standards we wished to include, but (we) were constantly in search for a thread to bring those tunes and oliver’s compositions (tracks 1,4,9) together. At this point, i realised that this was my chance to finally act on my evergreen and ever growing love for film and film music. it was just perfect. this seemed to become a ‘tribute’ Album. the wonder of it was that oliver and i had always shared this passion in our personal lives and it was his wish to bring the individual inspiration and emotions to you through every story and its music. So, he spent time going through some of his favourite films and stories to eventually compose the new tunes that would blend in with the tunes i suggested for the album.

As for me, i would like to particularly call it my tribute to cinema and film music that saved me from the tiny little world in which i lived. they brightened up my childhood dreams and gave me hopeful and passionate goals. they inspired me and gave me the guts to pack up my luggage and travel far from home in search for… tHAt! that which constantly inspires millions of cinema and music lovers to create.
Houry Dora Apartian vocals, Oliver Friedli piano, arrangement, compositions, André Pousaz double bass, Tobias Friedli drums, feat. Adrian Pflugshaupt soprano sax, feat. Olivier Ker Ourio chromatic harmonica

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Hekiat - Armenian Stories


Hekiat – Armenian Stories

“Hekiat“ is the name of a band which invites four of Switzerland’s jazz familiar faces to feature a singer arriving from abroad, bringing with her the roots of her homeland Armenia. The generosity of this traditional music makes the arrangements and compositions of the young pianist burst a new taste of inspirational armeno-jazz harmonies and rythms played delicately and abundantly by each band member. It is clear that the musical and cultural colors of this band varies from europe to middle east, but the musicians embrace this music and perform it as their own, letting their creativity and dedication unite them on stage as one unique sound.
vocals: Houry Dora Apartian saxes/flute: Alex Hendriksen piano/arr/comp: Oliver Friedli doublebass: Fernando Fontanilles drums: Michael Stulz

Houry Dora Apartian: vocals
Alex Hendriksen: tenorsax
Oliver Friedli: piano, arr, comp
Fernando Fontanilles: bass
Michi Stulz: drums/percussion

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Planen Sie einen Anlass? Sind sie noch auf der Suche nach einer geeignet Live-Musik für eine Hochzeit, ein Geburtstagsfest oder einen Geschäftsanlass? Dann sind wir genau das Richtige für Sie! DoraJazz, bestehend aus drei professionellen Musikern mit einer grossen Auftritts- und Konzerterfahrung hilft Ihnen den Wunsch nach einer geeigneten musikalischen Umrahmung zu erfüllen. Das Trio, bestehend aus der wundervollen Sängerin Houry Dora Apartian, dem Pianisten Oliver Friedli und dem Bassisten Daniel Fricker ist beliebig mit anderen Instrumenten erweiterbar und spielt für Sie Evergreens aus verschiedenen Stilrichtungen wie Bossa Nova, Latin, Jazz, Swing, Tango und Pop. Die Technik wird selbstverständlich durch DoraJazz gestellt.

Wir verstehen es Anlässe musikalisch dezent zu untermalen und ein gediegenes und gepflegtes Ambiente zu unterstützen.

Houry Dora Apartian: voc
Oliver Friedli: piano
Daniel Fricker: bass

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